Old school romance is that feeling you get when you are with your crush. It is the kind of romance that makes you believe in fairy tales and happily ever after.

It is also the kind of romance that includes chivalrous behaviour. It could be as simple as asking someone out or writing a note instead of sending an emoji.

1. They are a sucker for cheesy stuff

Women are a sucker for all things cheesy and romantic. They believe in fairy tales and happily ever after and love to relive their childhood fantasies of the boy next door or the pop star swooping down on them.

These hopeless romantics love romance movies, poetry, sappy songs, and even cliche gestures like a rose or a handwritten note. They swoon over little things such as being picked up from the mall in his fancy car or dancing to Elvis’ ‘Can’t help falling in love’ under the stars on their terrace.

These ladies prefer to avoid making it clear that they’re not interested in a man, because they don’t want to risk rejection or alienation. This behavior has a deep evolutionary logic: ancestrally, it was better for a woman to keep a guy within her social circle as a potential non-sexual friend than to publicly humiliate him or alienate him.

2. They believe in commitment

There is a common stereotype that men are afraid of commitment, and they prefer to have casual flings. However, many women want to find long term partners.

They believe that if they give someone a chance, they will fall in love. They also don’t think that it is necessary to advertise their relationship on social media. They know that the best way to show their love is by simply being there for each other.

They want to be treated fairly and equitably, and they don’t like being used for sex. Women want to be able to tell their partner how they feel without feeling judged. They believe that it is important for a man to be chivalrous. They also know that infatuation doesn’t last forever and that deeper affinities need to rise out of it.

3. They believe in giving themselves

Women want partners who are willing to give their time, attention, hearts, and bodies. They want to feel like they are worthy of the love and effort that their partner puts into them. They don’t want men who expect sex as a payoff for doing a favor or treat them like a tool to be used and discarded.

When deciding on a long-term relationship, both straight and gay women prioritize warm-hearted qualities in their mates. They also value trustworthiness and chivalrous traits.

They want to see their partners as feminist allies who support and celebrate the success of the woman in their life. Moreover, they want to be with men who respect their own personal values. A healthy relationship is one that honors its own unique ethos.

4. They believe in spending quality time together

Women who are old school in love appreciate the importance of spending quality time with their partners. They believe that any personal relationship can begin to deteriorate if it is not given sufficient time to grow and thrive.

Quality time can take on many forms, such as enjoying a meal together or taking a walk in nature. It also can include simply sitting down and chatting over coffee. Sometimes, QT can even include physical affection such as cuddling.

The key to making quality time work for a couple is simply to make it a priority. Creating a shared calendar and scheduling regular time for each other on a weekly basis can help ensure that this important aspect of a relationship is not neglected. QT can help prevent a romantic connection from becoming distant, and can bring back the excitement that was present in the beginning of the relationship.

5. They believe in trust

Women have more to lose in social interactions, and thus need to be more sensitive to treachery. This has implications for trusting behaviors in various aspects of everyday life.

These hopeless romantics flinch at the thought of a first date that’s purely sexual and leads nowhere else. They cry at sex in a cul-de-sac. They believe that love isn’t just for the young.

They know that the initial tingly can’t-think-about-anything-else swooning serves as the booster rocket, propelling them into companionate love. They also know that love takes work. Ultimately, they believe that their partner is her beshert — Yiddish for “destined mate.” And all the heartbreak and pain they’ve suffered along the way were necessary to prepare them for this union. That’s old school romance in a nutshell.